2008 Mercedes CLS 63 AMG - Premium Exterior Enhancement & Premium Wheel Services

This vehicle is an awesome example of a car that has been cared for very well throughout the years. This 2008 has just over 30,000 miles on it, but is in excellent condition inside and out.

The paint had typical swirl marks in it, but there were few rock chips, few deep scratches, and nothing that could be considered 'major' damage.

The new owner wanted us to make it look even better, so our Premium Enhancement Service was an excellent choice. We began by thoroughly cleaning and decontaminating the exterior surfaces to prepare for the paint correction process. A one-step correction process was used to remove nearly every imperfection from the paint. We then topped it with our premium nano coating for even more gloss and excellent protection. The wheels were removed and coated as well for easier maintenance.

A couple Before & After photos during correction

The tail lights were in particularly poor shape, but they were also corrected and cleaned up very nicely.

A big engine usually means dirty exhaust tips. After a lot of polishing, the heavy build up was removed and a shiny finish was restored.

Wheels were removed, inner barrels were quite dirty.

Wheel faces and barrels were thoroughly cleaned

The wheels were then sprayed with a nano coating for protection and easier maintenance

Wheel wells were cleaned, brakes were cleaned and coated.

Afterwards, the car looked great! This low mileage 2008 looks better than most brand new cars!

Check out this video that shows part of the detailing process as well as some excellent views of the car after we were all finished!

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