2015 Porsche Cayman GTS - Premium Enhancement Service

This gorgeous 2015 Porsche Cayman GTS was brought to us for our Premium Enhancement Service to bring out maximum gloss while also providing great protection and easier maintenance with our premium nano coating. Silver isn't the easiest color to capture in photos, but the results speak for themselves... this car looked stunning!

As always, we began with a very thorough exterior cleaning and decontamination process to remove all loose dirt and bonded contamination from the exterior of the vehicle.

With the paint completely clean, it was time to begin the machine polishing process to remove surface defects and restore clarity and gloss to the paint. Here you can see typical swirl marks.

The swirls were removed, and the metallic flake was enhanced with the correction process.

Paint defects before correction

Defects removed

Exhaust tips coated with black build up... surely a sign that this car is driven and enjoyed :)

Believe it or not they are actually a polished finish! and they cleaned up very nicely.

This car looked great in the sun!

Check out that gloss

A short video highlighting the final results of this vehicle... watch in HD!

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