2016 Ford F150 - Enhancement Service

The owner of this vehicle noticed some swirl marks on his finish upon purchasing it, and was eager to have the defects removed so that he could enjoy his brand new truck. He took the vehicle to another local detailer who advertised "buffing" services, however when he returned to pick up his truck, he was surprised to see a hazy finish that was covered with holograms and still had swirl marks.

He brought the truck to us and we were happy to take on the challenge of restoring his new truck to a truly new appearance. The paint was polished to a high gloss that was free of any haze or holograms. Swirls removed, leaving only traces of heavier defects behind. In the end, the vehicle looked stunning, and the owner was finally pleased with his new truck!

This photo shows the hazy appearance that was left by the previous detailer compared to a properly polished area.

This color looked stunning out in the sun.

No swirls or holograms here!

Talk about a mirror finish

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