2017 Porsche 911 Cabriolet 4S - Elite New Car Prep, Premium Wheel Service, Plastic Coating, Windshie

This vehicle was dropped of with us just days after being purchased. The owner wanted it completely protected so he could spend more time driving it, and less time cleaning it. It was decided that the car would receive the best of the best when it comes to exterior protection, so we proceeded with our Elite New Car Prep which includes 2 coats of our most advanced paint coating, our Premium Wheel Service in which wheels and brake calipers are coated, Plastic coating on all exposed plastic trim, windshield coating, and even a nano coating on the soft top to help resist dirt and mildew. In the end, this car looked absolutely stunning, and it will remain that way for years with proper care and maintenance!

As always, we began with a thorough exterior cleaning and decontamination process to remove all loose dirt and bonded contamination from the surface of the vehicle.

The vehicle was then carefully inspected to identify any small blemishes or defects in the paint. These are marked with small, red tape pieces. Exposed trim and other delicate areas are masked off for protection while correcting the paint.

The paint was in overall good condition with only minor blemishes throughout. Here are a few examples of the types of defects that were corrected throughout the process.

All exposed lower plastic trim was carefully cleaned and coated to produce a rich, black finish that will resist fading.

Wheels were removed and thoroughly cleaned inside and out. They were then sprayed with a protective coating for easier maintenance.

Wheel wells and brakes were cleaned as well. The brake calipers were also sprayed with a protective coating.

This car really glowed in the sun! I was very pleased with our results.

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