2016 Porsche Targa 4S - Elite Enhancement Service & Premium Wheel Service

The owner of this vehicle contacted us because he was interested in protecting the paint. Upon inspection it was clear that the paint needed some work before we could apply our nano coating. The vehicle was covered in rather deep swirls and scratches from visiting the local full service car wash... so we opted for a two-step correction process to remove the majority of the defects to provide a stunning finish with outstanding clarity. This color is one of my favorites, and it looked absolutely stunning when we were finished.

We began by thoroughly cleaning the wheels & tires

Next the paint was washed and decontaminated with detailing clay

Once clean, the paint was inspected for defects. Swirls and scratches were easily visible throughout.

After testing numerous combinations of products and pads, I found the two step process that I was looking for. We were able to remove the majority of defects, and then polish the finish to a deep finish. The color was greatly enhanced as well with this process making the uncorrected areas seem noticeably hazy in comparison.

50/50 after compounding





The vehicle was then coated with 2 coats of 22ple Mistico Elemento Forte

It was later requested that we complete our Premium Wheels-Off Cleaning and Nano Coating. So the wheels were removed for a deep cleaning.

Now that the wheels were completely clean inside and out, they were sprayed with our ultimate wheel protection for easier cleaning and maintenance.

While we had the wheels off, the wheel wells were cleaned and dressed. Brake calipers were thoroughly cleaned and also sprayed with nano coating for protection.

The end result was an incredibly glossy vehicle with metallic flake that really popped in the afternoon sun. I LOVE this color (and the vehicle isn't bad either ;) ).

What a beautiful car

Ready for pickup!

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