2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat - Elite New Car Prep + Premium Wheel Service, Plastic Coating, and Gla

This vehicle arrived on a trailer from the dealership with just 24 miles on the odometer. Upon inspection it was clear that we had a very long journey ahead of us to get this brand new vehicle into good shape - we found machine sanding marks on every panel of the vehicle, heavier scratches on various panels, and some swirl marks throughout. It was decided that we would do a mutli step paint correction process to remove the majority of defects, the paint would then be coated with 2 coats of our Elite nano coating for years of protection. Wheels were removed and coated. Plastic trim & the windshield was also coated. The car looked great after a lot of long days and hard work.

The vehicle was delivered with plenty of dirt and grime on it from its long journey from the factory, to the dealership, then to us

We began with a thorough cleaning of all exterior surfaces

The paint was decontaminated with fine grade detailnig clay

Wheels were removed, calipers cleaned and coated, and wheel wells properly cleaned.

Identifying defects that are easily visible in just this small portion of the car... upon seeing the severity and volume of defects, it was decided that a multi step correction process would be needed to produce the best results.

The paint was extremely soft, and the compounding process left a lot of haze (or micro marring).

Obviously the hazy look is not the ideal finish we are after, which is why we then proceed with finer finishing polishing to restore clarity. This is where experience can make all of the difference... working with delicate jet black paint requires a good understanding of the polishing process, technique, and knowing how to adapt to certain situations as you encounter them.

Clarity restored and a nearly flawless finish revealed

Before and after of some defects in the paint

After the paint was meticulous polished, the entire car was coated with 2 coats of 22ple Mistico Elemento Forte

After coating the paint, the vehicle was looking great... but we weren't done yet!

The trim was then coated for added protection

Now this is a seriously glossy new car.

Engine was tidied up as well (because who doesn't want to look at this thing for at least a little while)

In the end, the final results were worth the long hours... the car was now in proper new car shape and ready to be enjoyed.

Awesome gloss!

The paint was deep and black, with crystal clear reflections

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