2016 Audi S3 - Elite New Car Prep & Premium Wheel Detail

​The owner of this vehicle contacted us about the upcoming delivery of his special order S3. He wanted to have the exterior properly protected from the start. The vehicle was delivered immediately upon delivery, and the dealership was instructed not to wash or detail the vehicle in any way to avoid the risk of damaging the paint. The vehicle was thoroughly cleaned, polished, and then coated with CQuartz Finest. Wheels were removed, and coated with CQuartz DLUX. This car looked stunning!

The vehicle was delivered with protective wrapping still installed.

We began by thoroughly cleaning and decontaminating the exterior of the vehicle.

Exhaust tips and diffusers were thoroughly cleaned.

Wheels were removed for cleaning and coating. Wheel wells were thoroughly cleaned. Brakes were cleaned and coated as well.

Any defects found were corrected, then the entire vehicle was carefully polished with a fine finishing polish to really amp up the gloss.

2 coats of CQuartz Finest were applied and baked with an infrared curing lamp.

The end result was an incredibly gloss and very well protected vehicle.

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