2014 Mercedes E550 Convertible - Enhancement Service

This vehicle was brought to us by one of our repeat customers who had recently acquired it. She wanted to have the paint properly cleaned and polished. The vehicle had a lot of swirls that we were able to remove in order to produce a very glossy finish. The paint was then sealed for protection.

The vehicle was washed and decontaminated using detailing clay.

Once clean, it was easy to see the swirls and scratches in the paint under our inspection lights.

We were able to make a considerable improvement which led to a noticeably darker finish and really brought out the metallic flake



Here we can see a tremendous amount of overspray being removed from the door, fender, and pillar areas

More severe overspray being removed

Spreading a nice layer of sealant all over the vehicle

The end result was a fantastic looking shine! This sporty coupe is ready to hit the road... make sure you've got your sunglasses on before you look directly at it!

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