2014 Porsche Cayenne S - Paint Correction & Enhancement Service

The owner of this vehicle was tired of seeing the scratches and swirl marks in his jet black paint. We decided on a 2 step paint correction process to remove the majority of defects and drastically improving the appearance of the vehicle. The paint was then protected with a polymer sealant for months of protection.

The vehicle was thoroughly washed & decontaminated using various chemicals and detailing clay

The paint was in need of a lot of work as there were a considerable amount of defects which made the finish look dull and lifeless

We begin by leveling the surface with a heavier cutting pad and compound. This step removes the majority of defects, but leaves a hazy finish that must be refined with a final polishing process.

The polishing process restores the clarity to the paint, revealing a beautiful jet black finish.

Spreading the sealant onto the paint

The sun is the ultimate test to ensure the paint looks great. No visible swirls. The paint is clear, and it looks like a mirror!

Ready for pick up!

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