2007 VW EOS - Key Scratch Repair & Premium Enhancement

The owner of this vehicle contacted us to see if we could remove a key scratch that covered almost every part of each side of the car. She was unhappy with the estimates she had received from body shops (the lowest of which was $1200) to repair the damage, so we took on the challenge of helping her out for around half the price that she was quoted elsewhere. Throughout the process we thoroughly cleaned and polished every part of the car as well as removing the key scratch, producing an amazing finish. The inside and engine were also cleaned up to make the car look and feel 5 years younger. Very pleased with how this turned out!

Before - Dirty Engine

During - The car was covered in a thick layer of foam and then washed, chemically decontaminated, and clay barred to prep the vehicle for polishing.

Upon inspection it was easy to see that the paint was in need of some major improvement. Holograms, swirls marks, and scratches left the paint looking dull and faded

Through a series of test spots, I developed a one-step correction process that would remove the majority of swirls to produce a clearer, deeper finish.

50/50 on the hood

The sides of the vehicle were vandalised with key scratches. These were wet sanded, and I was able to remove ~90% of the scratches.

The interior received a pretty basic cleaning, with more attention spent on some of the dirtier areas like the driver's seat and steering wheel.

The engine cleaned up nicely

The car was then coated with our premium nano coating for enhanced gloss, protection, and ease of maintenance

The car looked amazing when we were finished.

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