2013 Mad Max Shelby GT500 - Elite Enhancement Service & Premium Wheel Service

This vehicle was brought to us because the paint just wasn't looking like it should. The low mileage vehicle had a fair amount of "love marks" that were leaving the finish looking worn and aged beyond its miles. The paint was cleaned and clayed before we began the correction process. A two step correction process yielded excellent results and was able to remove the majority of defects leaving on the heavier scratches behind. While these are visible with our specialized LED lights, they are very difficult to spot under normal conditions. The paint was then coated with 2 coats of our elite nano coating to further enhance the gloss and add years of protection. Wheels were also removed for a deep cleaning and elite nano coating.

After cleaning, the defects were easily visible

Here are several before/after photos during the compounding process...

Wheel well before cleaning

Wheel well and calipers cleaned

Wheels perfectly cleaned and coated

After final polishing, the paint looked amazing and was ready to be coated

Inspecting the car after coating... now to let it cure.

The paint looked great! Deep, dark, crystal clear shine! A major improvement.

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