2012 Jaguar XKR - Paint Correction & Enhancement Service

This vehicle was in for a thorough cleaning and gloss enhancement to prepare for Spring. We were able to remove the majority of defects from the paint to really make this silver shine.

I began with a thorough exterior cleaning and decontamination process.

Once the vehicle was clean, I began the correction process. While the defects were difficult to capture in camera, there were a considerable amount of swirls and scratches in the paint which needed to be removed.

After correction, the majority of defects were removed to produce a flatter, glossier surface.

A few before/after shots...

I find it is easiest to examine paint while working in the dark. It also makes for some cool pictures smile emoticon

The paint was then protected with a silica sealant. The silver paint was very glossy. This car is ready to hit the road come warm weather!

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