2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Premium New Car Prep

The owner of this vehicle contacted us in search of a premium level of protection for their new vehicle. Upon inspection, it was determined that the paint needed some work to get it into a true "new" condition, so we decided our premium service which includes a one step correction process to remove the majority of defects from the paint and our standard ceramic paint coating for years of protection and gloss. The paint turned out amazing. The black is rich and deep, and the metallic flake really pops! The car is protected and should look great for a long time!

The vehicle was thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated. It was very easy to see the tremendous amount of defects that were already on this new vehicle due to improper care at the dealership.

We were able to remove the majority of these defects with skillful machine polishing. The clarity was greatly enhanced and the metallic flake really popped.

Here are a collection of photos captured throughout the correction process.

The paint was then coated with our premium nano coating for durable protection and easier maintenance.

Showing off the gloss in the sun

The paint looked amazing! The reflections are crystal clear and the color is deep and dark!

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