Audi A6 - Paint Correction + Premium Enhancement Service

This vehicle was brought to us for some deep cleaning and paint correction to restore some gloss and shine in the paint. The vehicle was coated in our premium nano coating for added protection. In the end, the vehicle turned out great.

The wheels were incredibly dirty and coated with brake dust

The engine was lightly dirty

We began by thoroughly cleaning the wheels and tires

The vehicle is then soaked with a heavy layer of shampoo to begin the cleaning process. The vehicle is then thoroughly washed and decontaminated.

Once the paint was clean, we began the paint correction process. Here is the door prior to correction.

Door after compounding

Door before compounding

Door after compounding

50/50 showing how much clarity is restored using our fine finishing polish

Door after polish

Before correction

50/50 after compounding

After compounding

Hood after correction and polishing

Matt Working on the side skirts

Paint is looking great after correction

Applying our ceramic coating to the paint

Exhaust tips before correction

Exhaust tips after correction

The paint looked great once completed. Deep, clear reflections

The following morning, the engine was dressed and interior was cleaned

The paint looked great in the sun

Nothing better than glossy black paint!

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