This package consists of a detailed cleaning, decontamination, paint correction, and paint protection process that will leave your entire vehicle looking amazing, and it will stay that way for quite a long time with proper care.  Our one-step paint correction process is specifically developed to produce the best results on your personal car.  Unlike high volume detail shops that use the exact same routine on each vehicle, we take the time to accurately test and evaluate every vehicle to ensure we are getting the maximum correction and gloss possible.  This is truly a custom process, tailored for your vehicle's needs.    


​Please note - This service requires one or more days to complete.  Your vehicle will remain with us for 1-2 days on average.  A non-refundable deposit of $200 is required to schedule an appointment for this service.

Detailed Process Overview

Our Premium Enhancement Service begins with a thorough cleaning of the tire.  Tires are often overlooked by many vehicle owners, and therefore are rarely cleaned properly before applying tire dressing.  The use of common silicone tire dressings combined with dirt accumulation will create a thick layer of grime on the surface that will ultimately dry out the rubber resulting in a worn, dirty appearance.  This dirt and grime is removed to reveal a better looking tire and to help keep the rubber healthy.

We then turn our attention to the wheels, which are subjected to a tremendous amount of dirt and brake dust buildup with normal use.  These harmful contaminates can wreak havoc on the finish of your wheels if they are not properly taken care of.  Using pH neutral wheel cleaners and specialized tools, we can effectively clean the barrels as well as the faces of the wheels.  Once clean, your wheels will be sealed to help protect them and make maintenance easier.

Now that your wheels and tires are properly cleaned, we proceed with a thorough ​exterior cleaning and decontamination process.  Depending on the condition of your vehicle, we may opt to do a foam pre-soak to help break down dirt and grime before washing.  Next, the vehicle will be washed using premium, pH neutral shampoo and the 2 bucket wash method to ensure no additional swirls or scratches are created.  

Once the loose dirt has been removed from the paint, we begin a series of chemical and mechanical decontamination steps to remove bonded contamination such as rail dust, tar, bug guts, and other general contaminates.  This process leaves your paint feeling as smooth as glass, and ensures your paint is truly clean and ready for polishing.

Once the paint is perfectly clean, it is thoroughly inspected, and paint thickness readings are taken to ensure the safety of your vehicle.  Our one-step correction process will help to remove general swirls and lighter defects to produce a clearer, glossier surface.  


If your vehicle has moderate to heavier swirls and scratches, or is a darker color, we recommend our Elite Enhancement Service for optimal results.

After your paint has been refined, we apply the protection product of your choice to create a barrier from the elements and to help retain a long lasting shine with proper care and maintenance.

To wrap up your service, we turn our attention to the smaller details.  We polish your exhaust tips to remove carbon buildup and restore a like new shine.  Your interior receives a quick vacuuming.  UV protection is applied to all plastic and vinyl surfaces.  Glass is cleaned inside and out.  Tires are dressed with a quality water-based, no sling dressing.  When we through with your vehicle, it will look amazing!