Ceramic coatings provide a stronger form of protection that lasts years, unlike waxes or sealants that last a few months.  


Ceramic coatings make your life easier while keeping your car looking amazing.   They produce incredible shine, leaving paint looking like a mirror!   Maybe most importantly, your vehicle stay cleaner for longer and washing will be quicker and easier!

Coatings provide a sacrificial layer which makes it more difficult for harmful contaminants such as dirt, bird bombs, water spots, bug guts, etc. to damage your paint.  

If you want your car to look better with less effort, these coatings are the solution!  Best part is that you do not have to go to some big city.  Right here is Peoria, Illinois we have a team of renowned installers.


Watch this first!

Durability:  4-5 Years

Slickness:  Excellent

Water/Dirt Repellency:  Excellent

Chemical Resistance:  Excellent

UV Resistance:  Excellent


Protect your vehicle's exterior painted surfaces while also adding tremendous gloss.  The hydrophobic coating will resist dirt and contamination and also make washing and drying easier!

Product Features

  • Stays Clean and Glossy much longer than traditional waxes and sealants - very easy to maintain!

  • Harder, thicker, and glossier than any traditional form of protection

  • Extremely hydrophobic & will retain hydrophobic properties longer than traditional waxes and sealants

  • Thick layer of protection provides that better resistance to environmental contaminants

  • Adds measureable thickness to surface to help prolong the life of your paint system over time

  • No need to wax the vehicle after nano coating has been installed

Ceramic Coating I
Entry Level

A ceramic nano coating that will provide drastically improved protection that is far more durable than our basic Paint Sealant. This is a great option to get started and get a taste for what a ceramic coating can for for your vehicle.

Durability:  18-36 months*

Installed Starting at $1025

*Durability levels subject to proper routine maintenance

Ceramic Coating II
Modesta BC-08

Modesta coatings are the best available for automotive applications. We are proud to provide these offerings to the central Illinois area. BC-08 is the perfect mid level offering for our customers.

Durability:  2-5 years*

Installed Starting at $1420

*Durability levels subject to proper routine maintenance

Ceramic Coating III
Modesta BC-04

Modesta BC-04 is our top of the line offering. This is an industry leading formula with only top quality ingredients. The end result provides unmatched clarity, gloss and water behavior. This option is perfect for those wishing to experience the best ceramic coating performance you can get.

Durability:  3-10 years*

Installed Starting at $2020

*Durability levels subject to proper routine maintenance


Product Features

  • Helps repel dirt and brake dust better than traditional protection

  • No need to use harsh cleaners when properly maintained

  • Much more durable than traditional waxes or sealants

  • Thick layer of protection provides that better resistance to environmental contaminants

  • 1+ year of easier maintenance and durable protection*

Standard Wheel Service

Starting at $25/wheel


  • Wheel faces deep cleaned

  • 1 coat applied to wheel face

Premium Wheels Off Service

Starting at $125/wheel

  • Vehicle lifted & wheels carefully removed

  • Wheel faces and barrels cleaned & coated

  • Finished brakes cleaned and coated

  • Wheel wells & visible suspension parts cleaned

Tired of scrubbing away brake dust?  A well protected wheel will be considerably easier to clean!


Whether your trim is brand new, or worn, our plastic coatings will darken the finish and help to keep it that way for much longer than traditional dressings.

Product Features

  • Drastically improves the appearance of new or old plastic trim

  • Lasts much longer than traditional trim dressings

  • More durable than traditional waxes or sealants - Estimated 1+ Year*

  • Thick layer of protection provides that better resistance to environmental contaminants


Prices Start at Just $125


If you do a lot of driving and find yourself caught in the rain, you know a water repellent windshield is great!  Increase visibility and safety with our glass coating.

Product Features

  • Creates a water resistant surface on your windshield

  • Helps to improve vision in wet conditions and may eliminate the need to use wipers

  • Resists bug splatter and dirt better than untreated glass

  • Expected durability 4-8 months*


Windshield Price $100

All Glass $200


Great protection for interior and exterior fabric!

Product Features

  • Great for convertible tops, fabric seats, floor mats, and carpet

  • Does not alter the look or feel of the fabric

  • Hydrophobic surface that resists dirt and staining better than untreated fabric

  • Durability varies depending on application surface (interior vs exterior) and wear


Prices Start at just $75 for convertible tops, $120 for floor mats (additional coats $25)


*Durability estimates are based on vehicles that are properly maintained.  Nano coatings are not maintenance free products, and will not perform at optimum levels if neglected.  We do provide maintenance services to ensure your coatings are always in good shape, or we are more than willing to explain proper maintenance and provide discounted supplies for all customers who wish to maintain their vehicles on their own.  Regular washing and drying is absolutely critical to the performance of your coating.  Hydrophobic properties will degrade over time, and excessive dirt and contamination will accelerate this wear.

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