What Is Detailing?

Detailing is a loosely defined term that is heavily used throughout the automotive world. For many, detailing simply involves a basic cleaning, over-the-counter wax, and interior vacuum, but to us, it is much, much more. We spend hours working to bring your vehicle back to its original beauty using a variety of quality, professional grade products in order to maximize the overall appearance of your vehicle.  We use proven techniques developed by the leaders in the detailing industry that will make your vehicle shine.  Our meticulous work ethic and attention to detail has helped promote our business to new heights and clearly sets us apart from the competition!  Detailing is not our job, it is our passion, and we continue to push ourselves to achieve industry leading results every day.

What Is Paint Correction?

Paint Correction is our specialty!

Paint correction is a process which removes many of the visible defects on your paint such as moderate scratches, swirl marks, oxidation, water spots and etching/staining.  Proper correction will level the clear coat, producing a deep, shiny surface which is then protected to achieve the ultimate glossy finish.

We offer a variety of paint corrections services that are tailored to fit your specific needs.

Our one step correction process will remove lighter defects while restoring the clarity and gloss to every vehicle.  If your vehicle is in need of more extensive work, additional Paint Correction Services can be added on to any package to remove moderate to severe defects that may not be removed with our polishing process (note that the Elite Service includes a multi-step correction process).  

Before correction begins, the thickness of your paint is measured with our digital paint thickness gauge.  The safety of your vehicle is the primary focus while it is in our hands, so we will always err on the side of caution if needed.  Next, the proper products and pads are carefully selected to produce the best results for your unique type of paint.  We do not simply use the same process on every car like most shops do.  We know that every vehicle is a new project, and we want to maximize our results each and every time, so we create a custom process just for your vehicle.   

Contact Us now to set up a free inspection with us so we can help determine the best process needed to restore your paint to a like-new finish.

What Is The Difference Between Swirl Marks And Scratches?

The majority of defects in your paint are created by improper washing & drying  techniques.  Swirl marks are often lighter defects that are easier to correct, however they can be more severe depending on how exactly the vehicle was maintained.  These types of defects can be found on most every vehicle that is not carefully maintained.  The majority of these marks can be removed through our paint correction processes to restore a crystal clear, showroom shine. 

Scratches refer to damage that occurs accidentally during day-to-day events, such as someone rubbing against your car while walking in the parking lot. These can range from very light to heavy defects and can be more challenging to correct.  The lighter scratches are easily removed with the paint correction process mentioned above, however the more moderate to heavy scratches may require more advanced paint correction, and sometimes even wet sanding.  Keep in mind, our main goal is to safely restore your vehicle, so some scratches may be deemed too severe to safely remove through detailing processes.