Our Enhancement Service was created specifically for our customers who are looking to make their already well kept vehicle look even more incredible.  This service includes an extensive exterior cleaning process that will remove all loose dirt and contaminates from the surface of your vehicle. When needed, detailing clay is used to remove bonded surface contaminates so your paint feels as smooth as glass.  Once clean, the paint is then machine polished with an ultra-fine polish to enhance gloss and clarity.  Your choice of paint protection will be applied to further enhance shine and to help keep your car looking great long after we are finished with it.  Your wheels will be cleaned and sealed, your tires will be cleaned and dressed, and your exhaust tips will be hand polished.  The glass and door jams are wiped down, and the interior will receive a light cleaning for a complete enhancement inside and out.  

​Please note - This service requires 1 day to complete. You will be asked to drop the vehicle off and return later for pick up.    

A $200 deposit is required to schedule an appointment.

  • Premium Hand Car Wash

  • Vehicle is dried with heated, filtered air and premium microfiber towels

  • Paint is decontaminated using detailing clay to produce a smooth, extremely clean surface

  • Paint is machine polished with an ultra-fine gloss enhancing polish

  • Wheel faces are thoroughly cleaned & tires are dressed with a premium, no-sling water-based dressing

  • Wheels are protected with a high quality wheel sealant for easier cleaning and lasting shine

  • Exhaust tips are hand polished to remove carbon buildup and restore the original shine

  • Glass is cleaned

  • Door jams are wipe down

  • Basic interior service is included

Note:  This service is not intended to remove paint defects.  For swirl mark & paint defect removal, please view our Premium & Elite Enhancement Services