Prices Starting at: Cars $165* | Vans, Trucks or SUVs $195*+

​Please note - This service takes several hours to complete.  You will be asked to drop the vehicle off and return later for pick up.

Our Maintenance Service is a great option for our customers who are looking to have their vehicles maintained at the highest level.  This service includes a thorough exterior washing process that will remove all loose dirt and contaminates from the surface of your vehicle.  The paint is then topped with a specialized sealant to add protection and to help protect against UV damage while boosting gloss.  Your wheels are cleaned and sealed as well for easier maintenance.  Tires are cleaned and properly dressed.  We also make sure your door jams are clean, exhaust tips are polished, and glass is streak free.  A quick interior vacuuming and dusting is also included.

  • Gentle Foam Pre-Soak to help break up dirt and debris prior to washing

  • Premium Hand Car Wash utilizing proper processes (3 bucket wash method) and premium products 

  • Vehicle is dried with heated, filtered air and premium microfiber towels

  • Paint is sealed for UV protection and ease of maintenance

  • Wheel faces are thoroughly cleaned & tires are dressed with a premium, no-sling water-based dressing

  • Wheels are protected with a high quality wheel sealant for easier cleaning and lasting shine

  • Exhaust tips are hand polished to remove carbon buildup and restore the original shine

  • Exterior Glass is cleaned

  • A basic interior service is also included featuring light vacuuming and dusting